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The Song of the Sea

Deaf, mute Jacob Worsley is regarded as a harmless eccentric in the small fishing village where he lives. Few people suspect that he is haunted by the memory of what happened to him twenty years ago, when he encountered a primal evil…

A short story of 2,700 words, The Song of the Sea revisits an ancient legend and weaves an atmosphere of mystery and dread.

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The Revenant

A young girl on the threshold of life is apprehensive yet intrigued when she sees a strange man with a scarred face one summer evening. Though she cannot remember meeting him before, he seems vaguely familiar to her. As she learns more about the man’s past, however, she finds out about the deep and tragic connection between them.

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3 thoughts on “Free Stuff

  1. Just read this story in between studying/writing. I enjoyed the portrayal of Isaac: how he is afraid of the sea — horrified by what he witnessed — and yet still cannot stop returning to it in hopes of hearing the song again. It makes me wonder: what song is he actually searching for, in the end? Thanks for this enjoyable read!

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