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A Potentially Controversial Post…

It’s time to don my flak jacket and helmet and try to look brave, because I’m going to talk about the potentially controversial topic of controversy. This is something of a pertinent issue for me. My novella Loving Imogen has a somewhat controversial theme, and though nobody’s complained yet, someone might. Indeed, given enough time,… Continue reading A Potentially Controversial Post…

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It’s Not Real, but it’s Definitely True

Last month, Authors Electric’s Bill Kirton wrote this very interesting post. He was talking specifically about the fantasy genre, but he made a point that I think is relevant to all fiction: “We carry all these race memories, dreams, imaginings; we can release people and things from their restricted functions. Maybe fantasy is simply a… Continue reading It’s Not Real, but it’s Definitely True

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Short and Sweet: the Twitter Fiction Festival 2014

Alexander McCall-Smith was taking part. So too, according to some tweets, was God Himself. Well, if it’s good enough for McCall-Smith, not to mention the Almighty, it’s certainly good enough for me. So I put on my thinking cap, powered up my laptop, and took part in the 2014 Twitter Fiction Festival, which ran from… Continue reading Short and Sweet: the Twitter Fiction Festival 2014