Interviewing Mari

A post from my friend Paul Sutton Reeves, who was recently good enough to interview me about my new book. Many thanks, Paul!

Paul Sutton Reeves

It was recently my pleasure to interview my friend Mari Biella about her latest e-book collection, Loving Imogen. It comprises a novella and three companion pieces. I’ve read it a couple of times now and can testify to the strength of the writing on offer. The title piece is a beautifully told story of damaged love, images from which remain in the mind long after reading it. The other stories are gems too, eerie tales told in shimmering prose. It’s available in all the usual places – Amazon, Barnes and Noble, the Apple iStore and Smashwords. She hopes eventually to release it as a paperback. Mari is adept at producing e-books but has yet to contend with paper ones (I, on the other hand, have prepared the sampler of my work, Jamboree Bag in paperback format – to be launched upon an unsuspecting and indifferent world in the very near…

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5 thoughts on “Interviewing Mari

  1. I’ve read and admired the title story, for all the reasons stated by the interviewer, and am looking forward to starting on the other two. I too, love your tone of ‘cool authorial detachment’. That’s not easy to maintain, for sure; we get very involved with our characters! I found Daniel very tragic – a loutish person might say ‘Lighten up,mate’ but I don’t think he could. I think if he’d been able to reach out to others more, he’d have got over the loss of Imogen in time, but he withdrew into chronic depression if my take on it”s right. It may well not be…

    As I said of ‘The Quickening’ your style reminds me, too, of Susan Hill.

    1. Thank you for your comment, Lucinda! Your take on Daniel is indeed right: he is rather a tragic figure. I occasionally hated myself for what I was putting him through…

      And thanks for the compliment – but nobody compares to the incomparable Susan Hill! 🙂

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