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12 Days and Counting: the Edinburgh eBook Festival 2013

Summer is here, and the festival season is well and truly underway. The braver amongst you may be donning your wellies and camping out in fields; others may be planning a trip to a nice book festival. But what if you haven’t the time or money to go where it’s all happening? Well, do not despair: this year you can visit the festival that comes to you!

Copyright: Cally Phillips
Copyright: Cally Phillips

Yes, from the 12th of August the Edinburgh eBook Festival will be opening its virtual doors, and all visitors need to get through the turnstiles is an internet connection. Everyone’s welcome, and everything’s free. And if that doesn’t tempt you, I don’t know what will. Read on for more information…

Now in its second year, the Edinburgh eBook festival is back from the Glorious 12th of August right through to Sunday night August 25th. This is a unique type of festival. Billed as “the festival that comes to you” it’s available online any time of the day and night, with limitless audience capacity and everyone gets the best seat in the house. Dress code optional.  And it’s FREE for all.

During the day a regular set of “events” are posted up on the festival site. You access it via your ereader, smartphone, tablet, ipad or computer so that you can literally be in two places at one time. Wherever you are, as long as you have internet or wifi access, you can take part.

Our programme  features individual slots at  roughly hourly intervals throughout the day from the Short Story slot at 11am, right through to the “Conversations” slot at 11pm. In between we will feature residencies, workshops, ebook launches, and sundry other “events.”  We even have the world’s first weathersheep “Derek” who will be providing a “sheeping forecast” each day at noon.  Derek is this year’s internet phenomenon and his “Fifteen Grades of Hay” trilogy is the talk of the cyber valleys.

Residencies include Catherine Czerkawska’s Mid-list, Cally Phillips’ Drama Retrospective and Chris Longmuir’s mammoth exploration of the Crime genre. For Sci-Fi buffs there’s David Wailing, as well as Travel with Jo Carroll, Horror with Mari Biella and Ghosts stories dissected with Dennis Hamley.  Sue Price will inspire you regarding Functional Literacy and Ingrid Ricks will do similarly about advocacy. There’s a chance for you to participate too. Kathleen Jones will be running a Life Writing workshop and Bill Kirton a Comedy workshop.

There’s plenty more. Mr McStoryteller Brendan Gisby will host the Short Story slot and Roz Morris offers a new spin on Desert Island Discs with her “Undercover Soundtrack” event while Jian Qiu Huang confirms the internationality of the festival with his “Conversations with the Universe.”

There are slots on “Market Choices” where writers and publishers reveal ways they have approached publicity and sales and there are launches of ebooks as well as talk about the relationship between narrator, author and reader.  Our festival theme is Beyond the Margins and we hope to explore this concept in a way which will be thought-provoking and fun, and open doors and minds as to the possibilities of digital publishing.

The festival opens with a look at Stuart Ayris’ unique, inspired and inspiring “Frugality” Trilogy and closes with Peter Tarnofsky’s latest short story collection “Everything Turns Out Just Fine.”

And if that’s not enough, there will also be a FREE Goody Bag available throughout the festival.

Last year we welcomed over 9,000 visitors through our virtual doors.  With over 150 separate “events” and featuring oodles of writers – some you know and some you’ll want to get to know – we hope that there will be something for just about everyone. We hope to show you that the digital revolution is alive and well and that Beyond the Margins there’s a whole new world just waiting for you to read and read about.

Daily previews begin on 1st August with some background information about the main participants and events, giving you the chance to ease your way into the technology. But really, if you already know how to use an ereader, tablet, smartphone or pc it’s simple.  Just go to and the events will come to you. You can catch up on events you’ve missed with a click or two to the appropriate category.   Remember, it’s all free and everyone is welcome.

The festival has a facebook page where you can post your comments and you can follow on Twitter @edebookfest or have your say at #edebookfest.

There’s really no excuse not to visit this exciting new festival now, is there?


9 thoughts on “12 Days and Counting: the Edinburgh eBook Festival 2013

    1. Thanks, Lucinda. I hope you enjoy the festival!

      (I’ll let you into a little secret – most of the above, apart from my introduction, is the official press release. This was an easy blog post to put together…)

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