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Get Set for Summer!

Sumer is icumen in, as the mediaeval English partsong has it. Well, almost. It may still be freezing cold and dark, but the days are drawing out, and the mercury is slowly creeping up. Holiday brochures are being flicked through, and beach body diets are being started (and, inevitably, abandoned). Teachers and pupils alike are counting down the days until the long summer holidays.

Edinburgh. Image credit: Ad Meskens | Wikimedia Commons
Edinburgh. Image credit: Ad Meskens | Wikimedia Commons

I’m jumping the gun, of course; Easter isn’t even upon us yet. However, I have a reason for this, as in August this year I will be taking part in the Edinburgh Ebook Festival. The festival will be held online and, despite running concurrently with the Edinburgh Book Festival, is entirely independent. Directed by the tireless Cally Phillips, the festival will hopefully help to highlight the wealth of good eBooks and indie writing out there.

My role in the festival will be to draw attention to some great indie horror. Naturally, one person can’t hope to cover everything that is out there, but with a bit of luck I’ll be able to talk up some of the really fantastic horror eBooks that are floating around in cyberspace. Of course, anyone trying to do something of that nature instantly runs into a bit of a problem: cyberspace, like real space, is vast. Not infinite, perhaps, but much more immense than one person can possibly hope to explore in a lifetime. I’m just setting out on this voyage of discovery, and already I feel in need of some pointers.

That’s where you come in. Yes, you. I’ve several ideas swirling around in my brain already, but I’d appreciate some recommendations. Do you know of any hidden indie horror gems? What’s so special about them? Are they beautifully written and full of psychological insight? Or are they the kind of edgy, experimental fare that would probably never get past an editor’s desk? Or are they just good old-fashioned page-turners? If the book in question languishes in obscurity and needs that little extra push to get it noticed, so much the better. My word doesn’t count for much, but you never know…

If you’ve any ideas, leave a comment (or send me an email if you prefer – I can’t promise to feature everything that’s recommended; in the unlikely event that I’m deluged with suggestions, I can’t even promise to read everything. I’ll do my best, though, and hopefully by the time the festival rolls around in August I’ll have plenty of excellent indie horror to highlight.

Thank you in advance for your help!


9 thoughts on “Get Set for Summer!

  1. I found a really good horror story, The Quickening, a little while back. Perhaps you could push that one a little? I forget the author’s name but it sounds vaguely Italian.

    1. Thanks, J.D. 🙂 – but if the slightest urge to indulge in some self-promotion makes itself felt, I’ll be slapping it down. (Shouldn’t be too hard, as I find it excruciatingly embarrassing anyway.) I really feel a lot happier pushing other people’s work!

      1. Mari, you really shouldn’t refuse to promote a book just because you wrote it. Think of the book as a person you know who really deserves a leg up! But I know what you mean and I feel the same, sadly. We are lost.

  2. JD Beat me to it, Mari, re that gem from the Welshwoman with an Italian surname…I love Lauryn April’s ‘Into the Deep’ but it’s more paranormal romance…I really enjoyed Anne Carlisle’s ‘Home Schooling: The Firenight Ball..’ Best of all I loved my writing partner Jo Danilo’s ‘11.42’ but it’s not yet out there…

  3. Well I think you should be selling yourself Mari – The Quickening is an excellent ghost story, so there!
    May I selfishly suggest my story ‘The Listening Post’ as that is a ghost story and my friends C L Raven’s horror novel ‘Soul Asylum’ – they’re very good.
    And this Edinburgh ebook thingy sounds very interesting, I feel a road trip coming on …

    1. Thanks for commenting, LK! No road trip is necessary, as the festival will be taking place online – but, of course, you could go to Edinburgh anyway if you wanted!

      Thanks for your suggestions. I read ‘Disenchanted’ and enjoyed it, so I’ll check out ‘Soul Asylum’ too. And as you know, I have a weakness for ghost stories … but I absolutely will NOT be selling myself, as I want to celebrate and draw attention to other people’s work. 🙂 I’ve a feeling that there are a lot of neglected gems out there, and I want to ferret out as many of them as possible…

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